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Barney’s Beanery Expands to Westwood

Since 1920
Since 1920 Photo: Swilk0 via Flickr

It’s been 90 years since Barney’s Beanery was first established on Santa Monica Blvd. and it’s heart keeps ticking. Squid Ink lets us know that a fifth Barney’s location is due in a couple of weeks, coming to Westwood Village at the former home of Broxton’s Good Earth Restaurant. The new location will occupy two floors, with an indoor mezzanine, and promises to be “bigger” than all other locations. It seems like an overdue no-brainer to put one of the city’s loudest sports bars directly into the Bruin cave and it’s hard to imagine it won’t succeed, unlike so many other shattered dreams littering the neighborhood.

1037 Broxton Ave. Westwood

A Fifth Barney’s Beanery to Open in Westwood Village [Squid Ink]

Barney’s Beanery Expands to Westwood