Are Manhattanites the New Bridge-and-Tunnel Crowd?

Photo: Melissa Hom

Already tired of the whole hipsters versus Hasids narrative, the Post comes up with a new one — hipsters versus douchebags! Or, specifically, Williamsburgers versus Manhattanites like the ones who were “acting like they were in Cancun, doing tons of shots, screaming, falling asleep sitting up” while some poor girl was just trying to have dinner with her mom at Walter Foods.

Actually, it seems Walter Foods is a big part of the problem — a fourth of its customers come from Manhasbeen! And they’re probably the types that participate in White Castle–eating contests while screwing up the financial world! Can’t we go back to the innocent days of crashing the Vieques Social Club, scoring at Kokie’s, and sneaking into the skate park by the water? Nope! As Walter Foods owner Danny Minch puts it unsympathetically, “things change.” But hey, relax — those barbaric Manhattanites still haven’t found out about the to-go margaritas at you-know-where. Yet.

There goes the neighborhood! [NYP]

Are Manhattanites the New Bridge-and-Tunnel Crowd?