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Updated: Aqua Is ‘Temporarily Closed,’ Ladies and Gentlemen

Photo: via Eater

We were a bit off the grid yesterday (apologies), but this just in off the wires: Aqua is in fact temporarily closed pending Michael Mina’s taking over the lease on May 1st, as Eater reports. Though the Mina camp has stated that they have not made a decision whether or not to keep the Aqua name and brand or go for a different concept, the general trend toward a more casual style of restaurant tells us otherwise. Isn’t the formality factor one of the things that has been troubling Aqua in in the first place?

In earlier statements, Mina has discussed the possibility of making over the restaurant where he made his name as something even more casual than RN74. We expect the final answer on this, and on the fate of Mina’s eponymous restaurant, within a few weeks.

Update: Via TwitPic, we see the posting on the door at Aqua.

4/21 Update: The Chron now confirms that Aqua has shuttered permanently at their 252 California Street space, and the name, liquor license, and assets have been sold to a new restaurant group that hopes to reopen it elsewhere.

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Updated: Aqua Is ‘Temporarily Closed,’ Ladies and Gentlemen