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Abe & Arthur’s by the Mind-Boggling Numbers

Photo: Melissa Hom

It’s no wonder Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum of EMM Group are said to be considering three new locations of Abe & Arthur’s: According to Forbes today, the restaurant (including, presumably, its underground lounge SL) has raked in $10 million in seven months. That’s just one of several astonishing numbers in the article. Here are the others.

$270 million: price at which Michael Hirtenstein sold his communications business before joining EMM
$30 million: EMM’s sales in the past year
$12 million: Tenjune’s 2006 revenue
$10 million: Abe & Arthur’s sales since last September
$7 million: projected cost of Abe & Arthur build-out
$5 million: money raised in eight months for Abe & Arthur buildout
$3.9 million: mortgage of Sag Harbor mansion where EMM hosts summer parties
$2 million: money plunked down for Abe & Arthur space
$800,000: money raised from friends to open Tenjune
$75,000: cost of Champagne a real-estate developer bought for the whole club before telling partygoers to “shake up the bottles and coat the room in suds”
$30,000: price of a six-liter bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne at SL
20,000: number of names in EMM’s database of people who drop $2,000 per night
$7,500: annual dues of EMM’s concierge service
$1,000: price of a bottle of Grey Goose at SL
$500: commission promoters get for a stylish table of ten
$88: cost of a porterhouse at Abe & Arthur
5: number of minutes that EMM employees have to respond to an e-mail

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Abe & Arthur’s by the Mind-Boggling Numbers