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A Public Garden Picnic; Chopping Down Joshua Tree

• Sometimes, the best possible Boston bite is a hot dog eaten in the Public Garden. [Fork It Over, Boston!]

• Not only are the nachos at Joshua Tree no good, but it’s “one of many bars in the area that expends a great amount of energy trying to look like a classy night club. They have a valet service, but there’s always a line 15 slutty girls long. The bathrooms have mute colors and elegant fixtures, but the whole downstairs area has a distinctly rape-y aura and we have it on good authority that there is often vomit in the urinals. The upstairs decor is chic sports bar, but you still get your beer in a 16oz plastic cup.” [El Tour de Nacho]

• A vegetarian combo from Falafel King makes a nice Boston Common picnic. [BostonZest]

• At Market, “everything was good to very good, but not exceptional.” [Sweet and Sour in Boston]

Mike’s City Diner is “phenomenally priced.” [The Palateers]

A Public Garden Picnic; Chopping Down Joshua Tree