Schoolhouse Speakeasies the Next Big Thing?


Here’s a new twist on the below-the-radar bar trend: charter school by day, speakeasy by night! While the PLCB was very busy fussing over the incredibly dangerous unregistered beer situation, a West Philly charter school has been transforming itself to an unlicensed nightclub/banquet hall at night, according to an investigation by Action News. By day, Harambee Charter School educates kindergartners through eighth graders, by night it becomes Club Damani where “membership has it’s [sic] privileges.” The school says it isn’t violating any laws, but ABC’s investigation turned up no liquor license and the club’s website shows various banquet packages that include an open bar option. Watch the video to see the undercover footage.

School and state officials are scheduled to meet today to sort out whether or not this is all illegal. And if Stephen Starr doesn’t open a schoolhouse-themed speakeasy within the next year, we’ll eat our shirts.

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Schoolhouse Speakeasies the Next Big Thing?