What to Eat at M Burger, Opening Tomorrow in Streeterville

An M Burger double cheeseburger.
An M Burger double cheeseburger. Photo: M Burger

The menu for M Burger, Lettuce Entertain You’s foray into the wild world of ground meat on a bun, is an austere affair: there’s a burger, a cheeseburger, and the eponymous M Burger (bacon, cheese, secret sauce), and that’s about it as far as things go. Sure, there are concessions to the non-cow-eaters out there — a veggie burger named the Nurse Betty, a chicken sandwich, a (gasp) salad — but we suspect that most of the Michigan Avenue hordes will be descending on this place for sweet, sweet red meat.

But no even the olive-oil-fried french fries and super-creamy milkshakes can distract us from the fact that we’re still a little concerned about what this opening means for Tru, considering that the build-out takes over the footprint of the high-end restaurant’s infamous temperature-controlled pastry kitchen and the chef’s table. But since it’s been about a solid decade since either of those elements were making waves, it’s possible (though tragic) that maybe everyone will be too busy stuffing face with burgers to notice they’re gone? Anyway, the menu:

Hamburger: single 2.49 double 3.69
Cheeseburger: single 2.99 double 4.29
M Burger: single 3.29 double 4.49
Bacon, Cheese, Secret Sauce

Nurse Betty 2.99
No Meat, All Vegetables

All-Natural Chicken Sandwich 4.49

French Fries1.99

Chopped Chicken Salad 4.99

Shakes 2.99
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

Drinks 1.99

161 E Huron, nr. Michigan Ave. 312-254-8500

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What to Eat at M Burger, Opening Tomorrow in Streeterville