What to Eat at Franks ’n’ Dawgs, Now Open

For all the aw-shucks spelling and punctuation of Franks ‘n’ Dawgs — not to mention the brash posturing of the menu (how the heck did they get a hold of our mama’s chili, anyway?) — there are some serious gourmet chops behind Lincoln Park’s newest hot dog spot. Chef Joe Doren — yes, a hot dog place has a chef — is an alum of Blackbird and Sixteen, and owner Andrew Brunacci is the brother of Sixteen exec chef Frank Brunacci, as Mike Sula outlines in the Reader.

And then there’s the menu — the chili dogs and brats are supplemented by fare that’s more haute food than drunkfood: knockworst topped with grilled eggplant, goats cheese and salsa verde; a veal sausage is draped in date chutney, carrot ginger mayo, cilantro, and toasted almonds. And then there’s the ultimate gimmick: every month a blue-chip Chicago toque will fill in as “celebrity star chef,” designing one of the dogs on the menu. For the launch, appropriately, it’s the king of the haute dog himself, Phillip Foss: the Foss dog is a pork link bearing cob-smoked bacon, a fried egg, and maple mayo. Here’s the full menu:

Classic Dawgs
At Franks’N’Dawgs, basic doesn’t mean bland or boring
¼ pound of 100% kosher beef: $4.00

Chili Dog
¼ pound beef with your mama’s chili: $5.25

Chili Cheese Dog
¼ pound beef, your mama’s chili & cheese: $5.75

Dawgs gone wild
hot dogs & sausages on steroids

Spoiled Brat
Brat, red cabbage, beer mustard & red pepper relish: $5.50

Posh Dog
German style brat with our own Waldorf salad: $5.75

Cheese Head
Sheboygan, caramelized onions, grilled portabellos & smoked gouda: $5.75

Knocked Up
Knockwurst, grilled eggplant, goats cheese & salsa verde: $6.00

Mystery Corn Dawg
Anson Mills polenta batter & Joe’s choice of dawg: $4.50

Dawgs gone global
famous dishes from around the world reinvented on a bun

N’awlins Dawg
Andoiulle, mustard ketchup, fried okra & shrimp & chives: $6.25

Veal Percik
Veal, date chutney, carrot ginger mayo, cilantro & toasted almonds: $8.00

Lamb Keema
Lamb, English peas, cucumber salad, pearl onions & Socca: $8.50

Beef Curry
Beef, orange marmalade, orange salad, parsley, blood orange oil & raisin slaw: $7.75

Haute dawgs
where 5-Star dining dishes are exquisitely served on a bun

Chicken Caesar
Chicken, shredded romaine, Caesar mayo, black garlic & croutons: $7.25

Spicy Duck
Duck/pork, pineapple chutney, cilantro, pickled carrots & chiccarones: $7.75

FU Dawg (vegetarian)
Marinated tofu, grilled eggplant & portabellos with salsa verde: $7.25

Puppy dawgs
for the smaller appetite

Jr Plain
⅛ pound 100% all beef: $2.50

Jr Chili Dog
⅛ pound 100% all beef, your mama’s chili: $3.25

Jr Chili Cheese Dog
⅛ pound 100% all beef, your mama’s chili & cheese: $3.75

Jr Fountain soda/Iced tea: $1.35

Frank’s dawgs
Each month a celebrity guest Star Chef creates a gourmet hot dog named after them. Philip Foss of Lockwood Restaurant is our March Star Chef
Foss Dawg: Pork link, Cob smoked bacon, fried egg & maple mayo: $8.00

Charitable dawg
Proceeds from the sale of this dog will be donated to the featured monthly charity. The charity we are sponsoring for March is Paws
Dirty Dog: Andouille with dirty rice, hush puppies & cherry tomato relish: : $7.25

1863 N. Clybourn Ave., nr. W. Wisconsin St. 312-281-5187

What to Eat at Franks ’n’ Dawgs, Now Open