Help Local Food Pantries By Walking Against Hunger

Most of the time on Grub Street, we pass the time telling you about new places to eat, what chefs are up to, where to get free burgers and other food-centric frivolities. Occasionally, we like to make you aware of more serious food-related issues - like the fact that in 2009, nearly half of the city’s food pantries ran out of food and turned people away, according to the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger. If you’d like to do something to help out, consider participating in the Walk Against Hunger on April 10, which benefits over 100 local food pantries and hunger-relief agencies Philabundance and The Food Trust. Click through for details.

It’s free to register for the Walk, which starts at the Art Museum; if you’re interested in participating in the accompanying 5K run it’s $20 to register until April 8 and $30 on the day of the event. You can register and learn more about fundraising for the Walk on the Walk Against Hunger website. If you’re unfamiliar with the direness of the situation, here are some facts about hunger in the Philadelphia area:

• According to the Food Research and Action Center, Southeastern Pennsylvania is now home to the second hungriest Congressional district in the nation
• One in four Philadelphia residents are at risk for hunger.
• 316,000 residents received help from a food pantry in 2009. One-third were children.
• Local food pantries have struggled to keep up with the growing need. In 2009, 48% of Philadelphia’s food pantries ran out of food and were forced to turn people away.
• The suburbs have seen faster increases in food stamp use than Philadelphia. Over the past year, Montgomery County reported a 33% increase in residents receiving food stamps; Bucks (32%), Chester (28%), Delaware (23%) and Philadelphia (14%).

According to the Coalition Against Hunger, “The Walk annually raises over $250,000 for more than 100 food pantries and soup kitchens in all five counties and South Jersey as well as such organizations as the Coalition Against Hunger, Philabundance, SHARE, The Food Trust and the Food Bank of South Jersey.”

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Help Local Food Pantries By Walking Against Hunger