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Pack Your Knives and Go on Top Chef Tour

Photo: Bravo

Bravo has announced dates for “Top Chef: The Tour,” a 21-city marketing extravaganza where visitors “will have the opportunity to meet and greet with Top Chef talent, sample food tastings, receive gourmet cooking tips, hear Top Chef show “secrets,” [like these?] and get chef’testant autographs.” If you’re hoping for a glimpse of Tom, Gail or Padma and tiniest Top Chef Krishna, keep right on hoping, as there’s no mention of any specifics on host or judge appearances.

The tour kicks off April 14 in St. Louis. Specific locations, which will be at farmer’s markets, malls or food festivals, will be announced via the Tour website. No word on which cheftestants will be in which cities, but here’s more on what to expect via the Bravo press release, plus tour dates:

This year’s tour will feature an updated, restaurant-style format with table seating for 64 guests, bringing fans a fuller, more enjoyable culinary experience as they interact with their favorite chef’testants.

Fans and affiliates will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of on-site “Top Chef” activities, including a Quickfire Challenge. Guests will compete for a chance to win prizes by testing their senses and food knowledge in a series of smell-tests as they attempt to identify the correct scent in the quickest amount of time. Attendees can also try for a hole-in-one on the “Top Chef”-themed putting green, purchase Bravo and “Top Chef” merchandise, and capture their “Top Chef” experience with a photo at the “Top Chef” judges table photo-opportunity. Fans will be able to access and download their photos at

Tour Dates:

St. Louis, Mo.                           April 14
Kansas City, Mo.                     April 16
Atlanta, Ga.                              April 18 & 20   
Charlotte, N.C.                          April 22           
Pittsburgh, Pa.                           April 24 & 25
Louisville, Ky.                           April 30 & May 1 (Kentucky Derby)
Grand Rapids, Mich.                  May 4
Chicago, Ill.                               May 6 & 7
Westfield, N.J.                          May 15
Philadelphia, Pa.                        May 17
White Plains, N.Y.                    May 19 & 20
New York, N.Y.                       May 22 & 23
Boston, Mass.                           May 25
Denver, Colo.                            May 30
Salt Lake City, Utah                  June 3
Seattle, Wash.                           June 6
Portland, Ore.                           June 9
San Francisco, Calif.                  June 12
Los Angeles, Calif.                    June 14 - 16
Irvine, Calif.                              June 17
Phoenix, Ariz.                           June 19

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Pack Your Knives and Go on Top Chef Tour