The Other Critics

Amis Lives Up to Hype; Zavino ‘Poised to Please’

• At Amis, Joy Manning finds “for the most part, the food at Amis lives up to the Marc Vetri mystique that surrounds it.” [Philly mag]

• Manning falls on the Stella side of the pizza wars, saying Zavino is “poised to please even if it isn’t the best in its class.” [Philly mag]

• Mount Airy’s Avenida is about “affordable meals served on Ikea plates, not lamb lollipops in shot glasses, but the Alvarezes do it with uncommon focus and finesse,” says Trey Popp. [City Paper]

• At Rittenhouse’s Zama, Adam Erace says “raw is the restaurant’s forte.” [Philadelphia Weekly]

• Drew Lazor “made out like a famished bandit” at Rittenhouse’s Thai Singha House To Go. [City Paper]

• PSN triple toques Amis. [South Philly Review]

• LaBan sees “real possibilities of a new neighborhood haunt” at Rittenhouse wine bar Cichetteria 19, once the kitchen gets up to speed. [Inquirer]

• At Le Bus, Midtown Lunch says the “soup and sandwich [are] done right.” [Midtown Lunch PHL]

Amis Lives Up to Hype; Zavino ‘Poised to Please’