The Other Critics

The Best Sandwich at Paesano’s; Pigging Out at PW

• Adam Erace awards the “Gustaio” top sandwich honors at the South Philly location of Paesano’s. [Philadelphia Weekly]

• PW’s pork issue details a dish for every part of the pig. [Philadelphia Weekly]

• Tim McGinnis tells you what to put on all those pig parts. [Philadelphia Weekly]

Chops ekes out just one half tip of the toque on the Phyllis scale. [South Philly Review]

• Midtown Lunch finds a “fresh ingredients and excellent sear on the meat” on the torta and tacos at Tacos Don Memo. [Midtown Lunch]

• Felicia D’Ambrosio’s new column Spirit Sister debuts with the tale of Ladder 15’s reinvention. [City Paper]

• Philadining gets a first look at the mysterious Queen Village/Bella Vista sushi spot Ro-Zu. [Philadining]

• Messy and Picky revisit Rittenhouse Korean spot Miran and deem it “Authentic, spicy Korean food at a nice price.” [Messy and Picky]

• Here’s why all bartenders say their favorite liqueur is Chartreuse.[City Paper]

The Best Sandwich at Paesano’s; Pigging Out at PW