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The Hump Says ‘Sorry’ to Whale Lovers

Santa Monica’s The Hump, charged with illegally selling whale meat sushi last week, issued a public apology via its own website, taking its first steps on a path of contrition the restaurant hopes will bring your business back. Not content to simply say “sorry,” the restaurant makes sure to mention that whale meat is in fact “widely served as a delicacy in Japan” and their crime is somehow only a misdemeanor. What else did the restaurant have to say?

In a formal statement online, The Hump declares:

An Apology From The Hump

We write to address the misdemeanor charge recently filed by the U.S. Attorney. The charge against the restaurant is true: The Hump served whale meat to customers looking to eat what in Japan is widely served as a delicacy. In serving this meat, The Hump ignored its responsibilities to help save endangered whales from extinction and failed to support the world community in its uphill fight to protect all endangered species. While The Hump cannot undo the damage it caused, it will put into place procedures to ensure that it strictly complies with the laws and becomes a good corporate citizen. We sincerely apologize. We pledge to work hard to re-earn the trust of the public and respect of our customers.

Will this be enough to stop the city attorney from yanking The Hump’s business license? Will Hump fans return to the restaurant? Tell us your feelings in the comments.

The Hump Says ‘Sorry’ to Whale Lovers