The Greasy Wiener Truck Arrives; Canter’s Starts a Food Truck

The Greasy Wiener
The Greasy Wiener Photo: The Greasy Wiener via Facebook

We’ve explored marketing frozen yogurt, cheese, and cachaha using food trucks recently, but today we discover The Greasy Wiener, a mobile caterer started solely to finance the film-making dreams of owner Josh Dragotta. As you might have guessed, Greasy Wiener sells hot dogs, though its Facebook divulges the presence of pirogi, sliders, fries, and something called “mini-Iggies,” while Dragotta also promises “an East Coast flair.” Though the website is scant on details, your chance to try these wieners arrives tonight at Bigfoot Lounge in Atwater at 8:00 P.M., according to the truck’s Twitter page. So, what about Canter’s new food truck?

Squid Ink reports that the classic diner Canter’s has happened upon the rolling trend with the creation of its own food truck. The creation of Canter’s descendant Bonnie Bloomgarden, the truck will serve seven sandwiches like a reuben, grilled cheese, and pastrami (what, no monte cristo?), as well as deli sides and matzoh ball soup, plus sodas from Dr. Brown’s and desserts like rugelach and cheesecake. The sandwiches will be slightly smaller than Canter’s originals to fit a price point under ten dollars and though Squid Ink worries that Fresser’s and new Brooklyn Boy’s Deli Truck could provide tough competition in the mobile N.Y. deli arena, we think Canter’s reputation and legacy will give the truck a sure boost and higher profile than its wheeled peers.

Canter’s Food Truck: Kibitzing in a Neighborhood Near You [Squid Ink]

The Greasy Wiener Truck Arrives; Canter’s Starts a Food Truck