Soda-Tax Summit Today; Produce Carts Roll Into Central Park

• Governor Paterson, city and state health officials, and a group of doctors will all meet this morning to discuss the potential penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks. [NYDN]

• Several fresh produce carts will soon open in Central Park. [NYP]

• Top New York restaurants are going semi-homemade with store-bought ingredients rounding out dishes like Klee Brasserie’s pork belly with Pop Rocks. [NYP]

• A former waitress at the now-shuttered Quo is suing the club’s owner, alleging that he forced her to let him snort coke off her shoulder. [NYP]

• Nobu Matsuhisa contemplated suicide after his Alaska restaurant burned down early in his career. [Eater National]

• In-school sales of full-calorie soda drinks have dropped 95 percent since 2004. [WSJ]

• Starbucks is currently testing a 31-ounce “trenta” size in Phoenix and Tampa. [Boston Globe]

• Food Network chef Marcela Valladolid has spent the past twelve years working with managers, agents, and publicists to try to become a household name. [WSJ]

• West Coast morels are already available, which is a sure sign of the coming spring. [Mouthing Off/F&W;]

• Jamba Juice is now offering salads and novelty ice-cream bars. [NRN]

Soda-Tax Summit Today; Produce Carts Roll Into Central Park