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Shocker: Chefs’ Kids Love to Eat

The family Foss breaks an egg
The family Foss breaks an egg Photo: courtesy Al Podgorski/Sun-Times

The stunningly well-palated children of both Wave chef Kristine Subido and Lockwood chef Phillip Foss are at the center of today’s Sun-Times article on raising, well, stunningly well-palated children. The chefs take pains to ensure their kids are involved eaters: Subido takes her son Kamlin to the Philippines with her regularly, while Foss and his wife Kati make sure their daughters Tali and Noa really get their hands dirty in the kitchen, where they’re inspired by cultures ranging from Tunisian to Italian. (Back in September, Foss told us that Tali “eats better than I ever did as a kid” when we checked in with Chicago chefs about their kids’ school lunches.)

Both Foss and Subido agree on one fundamental secret to raising li’l culinarians: food shopping. “Take them to markets in the summer, to farms,” says Foss, which Subido echoes: “Go to the markets first instead of the restaurants. Look at all the different fruits and vegetables. Really ask [the kids] a lot of questions.”

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Shocker: Chefs’ Kids Love to Eat