Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Use Food to Stay Sexy; Decaf Gets Its Due

• The finding of a grape-eating moth is leading to a quarantine in the wine growing regions of Sonoma and Solano counties. [S.F. Gate]

• Convicted serial killer Rodney James Alcala concluded his sentencing hearing by playing the jury Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” and asking to be spared the death penalty. [L.A. Now]

• Long maligned, decaf coffee is finally getting attention from coffee snobs. [NYT]

• Sharon Osbourne revealed that her bedroom antics with Ozzy include a creative use for chocolate sauce and “spray foam around the b*llocks.” [Digital Spy]

• The chef from South Coast Village’s Antonello Ristorante opened his own Italian restaurant with his wife called Il Barone Ristorante. [Fast Food Maven]

• U.S. eaters have warmed to Korean flavors, leading to the success of Kogi and a proliferating scene of the nation’s cuisine in San Francisco and L.A. [S.F. Weekly]

• Fresh Grocer, which is building supermarkets in under-served communities across Philadelphia, was recently visited by First Lady Michelle Obama. [BNet]

• Erykka Fite has made changes to the Purple Palm’s menu in Palm Springs, largely influenced by her husband’s Jamaican upbringing and other recipes from the Caribbean. [My Desert]

• This year’s Lifetime Achievement James Beard Award goes to Food & Wine founders Michael and Ariane Batterberry. [Eater]

• Burger King claims that winter storms are to blame for their recent decline in sales. [Salon]

• More and more restaurants are hiring foragers to track down hard-to-find ingredients. [NRN]

• Breakfast tacos are huge in Austin. [NYT]

• Consumers are drinking more tap water, leading to a bevy of new water filters on the market. [WSJ]

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Use Food to Stay Sexy; Decaf Gets Its Due