SBE Plans Gladstone’s Revival Through 2013

Gladstone's is open to the beach with a new logo
Gladstone’s is open to the beach with a new logo Photo: Neurofibromatosis - Reggie Bibbs’ via Flickr

Improvements at Gladstone’s, long the laughing stock of seaside dining, will continue under the restaurant’s partnership with Sam Nazarian’s SBE, which has agreed to operate the restaurant through 2013. Since announcing the collaboration in October, Gladstone’s has benefit greatly from seeing SBE corporate exec chef Daniel Elmaleh placed in the kitchen, and upgrading the menu by focusing on seasonal seafood with a dash of SBE flash on top. What does the future hold for Gladstone’s?

Nazarian announces via press announcement that “SBE is committed long-term to…returning the beachfront icon into a ‘must visit’ destination.” This means much more than just keeping Señor Carrillo and his foil sculptures on-board. Future plans over the next two years include a new series of “exclusive” beach parties (we know a certain someone who should be stoked about that) and year-round events that draw attention to the thirty year-old haunt. Structural improvements are also planned as is an interior revitalization.

Stay tuned to see if Gladstone’s can absorb some of the gloss that SBE has showcased at its restaurants like The Bazaar and XIV.

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SBE Plans Gladstone’s Revival Through 2013