Rob Eshman Returns to Clarify His Position on L.A. Dining

Kids, get your
Kids, get your “Kobi tacos” off Eshman’s lawn Photo: Arndog/Inuyaki via Flickr

Rob “Bursting L.A.’s Bubble” Eshman returns today with his giant bag of salt for L.A.’s food game. The Jewish Journal editor backpedals seeks to clarify his position as to why Saveur’s L.A. issue was the culmination of too much hype and too many false hopes. Eshman’s new stance is that L.A. is awesome but it’s not yet the “Ultimate Food City” and maybe Palms has some good places to eat, but he meant the side streets between Pico and Venice, though an explanation as to why he dissed West Olympic remains missing. What else is he on about now?

Eshman offers nine solutions to make L.A. realize its potential, going from the obvious, as in L.A. needs better public transportation (you think?) and better school food programs, to throwing stuff at the wall by suggesting we need triple the number of food trucks (he clearly doesn’t live in Northeast L.A.). He repeats his need for more coastal dining (could someone get him a gift certificate to The Charthouse already?) and even gets a little creepy when asking for a “Massive, Throbbing” farmer’s market to stand as the jewel in our crown. He finally gives up and asks readers to come up with “Number Ten”, but to tell you the truth, we already lost Eshman’s point after his reference to “Kobi tacos” in the first paragraph.

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Rob Eshman Returns to Clarify His Position on L.A. Dining