Radhika’s Reincarnated in South Pasadena

Paneer Tikka
Paneer Tikka Photo: Optimal Tweezers via Flickr

If Olde Town Pasadena could use more food trucks, maybe it’s an Indian restaurant that South Pas needs the most. Coming to squelch the city’s curry cravings, Radhika’s will soon be reborn in the Mission Street space previously occupied by Little Parlour Pizza and before that, Steve Arroyo’s wine bar venture 750 ML. So what to expect at a new Radhika’s?

Eating L.A. sees signage that describes the new Radhika’s location as a “modern Indian bistro,” because, well, everything needs to be a bistro nowadays, right? Radhika’s former location, which served artfully-plated, though traditional, Mughal-influenced fine dining and tandoori treats with a surplus of seafood recipes from Kerala and the occasiona baby back rib, is now occupied by The Counter, while Sitar still slings its samosas and saag close by.

Radhika’s “modern” approach might find the cuisine high on South Asian innovation like Tanzore and Surya (R.I.P.). As for its past, writer H.C. of L.A. & O.C. Food Adventures recalls both “decent” eats and “the obnoxious server and manager” at the old location, making us think a reinvention could be necessary to a rebirth. Stay tuned to see if Radhika’s new project can reinvent the wheel or will at least satisfy South Pas’ need for good Indian.

Coming soon to 966 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA‎.

Radhika’s expands to South Pasadena [Eating L.A.]

Radhika’s Reincarnated in South Pasadena