Pulino’s Has Opened for Breakfast and Lunch

We had already seen the Pulino’s menu, but until now we hadn’t seen the restaurant in action. Well, it finally opened today. Take a look at the interior shots (taken before all hell broke loose this very morning) and you’ll agree that even without the McNally crowd, the place is gorgeous. Like a beefed-up Schiller’s? Absolutely, but other than some hater who compares it to an “upscale Olive Garden,” who’s complaining? Already spotted today: the Daily Candy team (per Eater), the Eater team (per Guest of a Guest), and Adam Kuban of Slice (per us). Plus the usual fashion types. Completely muffled by the dining din: Exile on Main St.

One design note that isn’t borrowed from McNally’s previous restaurants: a police-line theme (“Don’t Cross the Line” is stamped on the paper menus and, as you can see in our slideshow, at least one table is made from what looks like wooden police barricades). A cheeky nod to the obsessive plywood blogging? Who knows. Anyway, take a look, and reacquaint yourself with the menu. Again, lunch and breakfast only for now.

Update: Guest of A Guest, Food in Mouth, and Always Hungry have more snap judgments.

Pulino’s, 282 Bowery, at East Houston Street; 212-226-1966

Pulino’s Has Opened for Breakfast and Lunch