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Beer Raids Anger the Brewerati

Today’s Daily News has more on the Monday raid of beer distributor Origlio’s Beverages. The State Police, following up on their raid of three local bars late last week, hit Origlio’s and confiscated cases of Duvel and several other popular brands that the PLCB has deemed to be unregistered with the state.

According to the News, the PLCB and the State Police can’t seem to figure out whether or not the beers are registered.

But apparent miscommunication between the Liquor Control Board and the State Police has left the state’s investigators with only a foggy notion of what’s registered and what isn’t. The State Police proceeded with the latest raid in spite of the confusion.

Even more interesting - no one will return reporter Don Russell’s calls for more information:

For the second day, State Police officials in Philadelphia and Harrisburg failed to return telephone calls or respond to written questions from the Daily News.

The Liquor Control Board also failed to respond to questions about its communications with the State Police and apparent problems with its list of more than 2,800 registered beers.

This sure is snowballing into a bigger shitshow by the day. Meanwhile, the Brewerati, led by beer writer Lew Bryson - who is also the brains behind Why the PLCB Should Be Abolished - have taken up the activist mantle and started a Facebook group Abolish the PLCB - Rewrite the Code! for all of the anti-PLCB folk out there. It includes links on how to contact your legislators and let them know how you feel about the most recent rounds of shenanigans.

In another raid, State Police hit beer distributor, Origlio’s, in Far Northeast [Daily News]
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Beer Raids Anger the Brewerati