Ortiz Backs Off Salt Ban; Beekeeping Is Legal

• Assemblyman Felix Ortiz now says salt in restaurant food is okay if it’s “part of the recipe.” [NYP]
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• The Board of Health lifted the ban on beekeeping yesterday. [City Room/NYT]

Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron will star in SyFy’s reality show Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen. [Futon Critic via Eat Me Daily]

• Starting this summer, Starbucks will offer customized Frappuccinos. [WSJ]

• A former dishwasher is suing Patsy’s Pizzeria, alleging wage violations and appalling working conditions. [NYP]

• Rocco DiSpirito’s Now Eat This! is No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list. [PR Newswire]

• Adam Dell, the alleged biological father of Krishna Lakshmi, supposedly wants more time with the baby. [NYP]

• Frequent food and wine columnist Janelle Carrigan has left The Wall Street Journal. [Eater National]

• Salsa might be Mexico’s most misunderstood food, prepared differently in different countries and states. [NYT]

• Food giveaways are a relatively inexpensive way for chains to promote themselves, hence their ubiquity. [WSJ]

• Pepsi plans to remove all its full-calorie sugary drinks from schools worldwide by 2012. [Crain’s]

• Guinness pops up as an ingredient in recipes everywhere from Southern Hospitality to PDT. [NYP]

• At Irish bars in formerly Irish neighborhoods, like Washington Heights’ Reynolds Café, Irish patrons are now a novelty. [City Room/NYT]

• New kitchen appliances are based around the idea of ultraconvenience, like a device that browns toast and poaches an egg at the same time. [NYT]

• Biodegradable containers replace polystyrene trays on “Trayless Tuesdays” at New York City schools. [NYP]

Ortiz Backs Off Salt Ban; Beekeeping Is Legal