Noah Tepperberg Begs to Differ With ‘Most Hated’ Status

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A couple of days ago Justin Ross Lee penned a highly subjective list of the “Top Ten Most Hated People in New York Nightlife” for Clubplanet, including himself, fellow promoters, and “rope rat” doormen. The most prominent figure was Noah Tepperberg of Marquee and Avenue, who was described as “Dr. Evil” and compared to Dick Cheney. Just like when Down by the Hipster pondered “The Least Important People in Nightlife,” clubland fixture Steve Lewis had something to say: “Noah loves what he does and has quietly been a friend to so many in need.” Now Tepperberg’s slot on the list reads “Number 8 has been removed due to technical difficulties,” and Chi Chi 212 thinks she knows why.

After being featured at number 8 on Justin Ross Lee’s list of Top 10 Most Hated People In Nightlife, Noah Tepperberg called up Track Entertainment and threw the biggest fit … ever. In fact this fit was so big the column now reads “Number 8 has been removed due to technical difficulties.” He even asked to have JRL fired.

Actually, we’ve been on the receiving end of one of these phone calls, though Tepperberg was mostly civil in objecting to a Grub Street item that implied people were dancing at Avenue (the “gastrolounge” doesn’t have a cabaret license and we all know the city pooh-poohs these things). The irony is that in addition to a birthday party at La Esquina, the most recent episode of HBO show How to Make It in America depicted a raging dance party at Avenue! Guess Tepperberg decided to let the secret out …

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Noah Tepperberg Begs to Differ With ‘Most Hated’ Status