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Michael Mina Retakes the Helm at Aqua

Photo: Courtesy Michael Mina Group

Only a few weeks have passed since Bacchus Group walked away from a deal to take over stalwart fine dining establishment Aqua, but now the Scoop reports that Michael Mina is swooping in to “take over the space where he first made his name.” Mina sounds confident that he can turn around the sliding success of the venue, calling it “one of the three best restaurant spaces in the United States,” and he remains open to the possibility of even moving his namesake restaurant out of the Westin St. Francis and into Aqua.

More likely, however, Mina says he’ll do something even more casual than what he’s done at RN74, but no matter what, he promises, “It will be something spectacular.”

We should note that, coincidentally, both Michael Mina and Aqua lost Michelin stars in the 2010 guide, after each clocking in at two stars in 2009. Hopefully, the celebrated chef can swing both ships around before the judges swing back through town this summer.

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Michael Mina Retakes the Helm at Aqua