Restaurant Menu Spring Cleaning

Time to open the windows, air out the stagnant house funk and grab that Pine-Sol for some spring cleaning. Or you can just forget about all that and head out to a restaurant and see what they’ve done to freshen up their menus for spring instead. Click through to check out some new menus around town.

• Cochon has launched a new brunch menu featuring a slew of savory items being prepared in a smoker - including ribs, pork shoulder and house-made kielbasa - all served with French fries, fennel slaw, pickled green tomato, and house-made brioche. Chef-owner Gene Giuffi was a pizza-maker in his teen years, so he’s also added pizzas, including a “Breakfast Pizza” with ham, home fries, baked eggs, cheddar to the lineup. View the new menu here. [Cochon]

• Oyster House has revamped its cocktail menu with new drinks like the French Fox, prepared with sparkling wine, velvet falernum, gin, lemon and Campari, and the Saloon Keeper’s Daughter, made with rye, Luxardo maraschino and housemade grenadine. View it here. [Oyster House]

• Positano Coast chef Pippo Lamberti has updated his menu to include new items like cioppino and braised Berkshire pork shoulder; there’s lower pricing as well. View it here. [Positano Coast]

• Fond is working on a new spring-y menu. Check it out a preview on Meal Ticket. [Fond]

Restaurant Menu Spring Cleaning