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Meatpacking Makeover: Los Dados Closes for Likely Redo

Photo: Daniel Maurer

When BR Guest announced it was replacing Vesta with another Dos Caminos, our first question was: What’ll happen to the meatpacking’s original gambero, Los Dados? The departure of chef Sue Torres in the winter of 2008, followed by abbreviated hours last summer indicated that all was not well at David Rabin’s place, and yesterday a walk by revealed construction paper on the windows and a message stating that the restaurant was closed for renovations. Now Rabin has blasted an e-mail indicating he’s no longer involved with the restaurant he opened in 2007, and hasn’t been for a while.

Dear Friends,

This is an email that’s overdue for about 15 months but I guess the eternal optimist in me foolishly kept me from writing it.

For various reasons we ceased having any operational control at Los Dados in November of 2008 (around the same time Sue left) and by March 2009 had sold our shares back to the investors.

I held out hope that somehow we’d have another crack at it and in early Fall of 2009 we were approached to get back involved in a consulting/marketing capacity. I gave it a shot in October and November but found that we were still just not on the same page and there was too much of a disconnect for me to actively re-market Los Dados as our own.

We probably should have announced all this back when it first occurred but we didn’t want to in any way hurt the business and wanted to maintain a friendly relationship with our former partners. We have no idea what their plans are for the future of Los Dados but we wish them luck with one of the great corners in NYC.

For those of you who have continued to go to Los Dados and wondered where I’ve been, that’s the story. We appreciate the loyalty and look forward to seeing you at a few new things we have coming in the next 3 to 9 months.


One of the great corners in NYC indeed — situated right across from the High Line and the Standard. We’ll see what becomes of it. The closing notices (“FERME POUR RENOVATION”) indicate we may be looking at a French joint.

Meatpacking Makeover: Los Dados Closes for Likely Redo