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Local Michelin Inspector Is Kind of a Snarky Twitterer

Photo: Courtesy Michelin

Not sure if you’ve all been following the local Michelin inspector who updates this Twitter account, but he’s kind of a cheeky dude — at least we think it’s a dude. Last week at an unnamed restaurant he tweets, “Note to servers: if you really want to know if I am doing alright, or have any questions, don’t be walking away from me when you ask. FAIL.” We’re pretty sure he’s a resident of Berkeley, because he sounds a bit too familiar when he writes, “Whenever I leave the Berkeley Bowl and there isn’t someone waiting for me with a clipboard, I worry something is wrong.”

The “famously anonymous” critic is currently touring the North Bay, and twittered some praise for John Ash & Co. in Santa Rosa and Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen in St. Helena.

But at Quattro in Napa at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto, despite a “great meal,” he can’t help but complain, “annoyed they tried to pass off penne lisce as pizzoccheri.” God, we so hate that too!

The immediacy with which he discusses his whereabouts could end up compromising his “famous” anonymity (anyone notice a persnickety fellow ordering the pizzoccheri at Quattro yesterday afternoon?), but we sure are enjoying the play-by-play.

Local Michelin Inspector Is Kind of a Snarky Twitterer