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Jesse James Rally Planned at Cisco Burger; Barton Barfs at Chateau Marmont

Jesse James at Cisco Burger
Jesse James at Cisco Burger Photo: JorgeLuke via Flickr

We don’t know how, but star-banging L.A. restaurants always manage to become big players in the nation’s celebrity sex scandals. Back when we thought Tiger was simply a monogamous adulterer, it was a waitress at Stone Rose Lounge that solidified all suspicions by revealing some of Woods’ “sentimental” voice-mails. Now all eyes are on Jesse James’ Cisco Burger in Long Beach, where assorted bikers and backers plan to rally over breakfast in support of America’s next top homewrecker. While our eyes stay peeled to find out if it’s genocidal fascism or unceasing skirt-chasing that James’ defenders support, enjoy the antics of Mischa Barfton Barton at Bar Marmont and Rihanna at Spanish Kitchen below, among the many places celebrities have been dining at in Los Angeles this week.

Bar Marmont: Mischa Barton came looking “all out of it” and excused herself to vomit, before coming back and hanging out all night. [N.Y. Post/Page Six]

Isla: Shana Moakler stopped by for dinner. [My Favourite Celebrity]

It’s A Grind Coffee House: Jessica Alba stopped by for two drinks to-go. [Murphy O’Brien Communications]

The Ivy: The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi smooched at the paparazzi favorite. [Just Jared]

Nobu: Dita Von Teese celebrated Nobu’s anniversary. [My Favourite Celebrity]

Philippe Chow: Charlize Theron tried to keep a low-profile on her way to her car after dinner. [Gossip Center]

Spanish Kitchen: Rihanna is rumored to have rented out the restaurant so her team could dine without being hassled. [Global Grind]

Sushi Dan: Miley Cyrus went on a date with Liam Hemsworth. [Celebrity Gossip]

Whole Foods: Sarah Michelle Gellar took her daughter Charlotte shopping. [Just Jared]

Yuca’s: Hayden Christensen grabbed some Mexican food, we’re guessing this is Yuca’s. Anybody? [Just Jared]

Jesse James Rally Planned at Cisco Burger; Barton Barfs at Chateau Marmont