Hudsonville Ice Cream Arrives; Feminists Embrace Ultra-Locavorism

• Michigan-based Hudsonville Ice Cream will be sold in Chicago for the first time later this month, anchored by a large social media campaign. [S-T]

• A twice-convicted mob bookie appears to own two restaurants with liquor licenses, which is against the law. [S-T]

• Some feminists are turning to ultra-locavorism, but “if a woman is not careful, it seems, chicken wire can coop her up as surely as any gilded cage.” [NYT]

• Children are increasingly turning to vegetarianism, even if their parents are meat eaters. [NYP]

The Sneaky Chef author Missy Chase Lapine is suing Jerry Seinfeld for allegedly slanderous remarks he made about her while she was suing his wife for cookbook plagarism. [NYP]

• Companies are removing high fructose corn syrup from many products, including Hunt’s ketchup and Gatorade. [AdAge]

• Chile lost about thirteen percent of its wine in the recent earthquake. [WSJ]

• Gastrohotels are popping up alongside some of Spain’s top restaurants. [NYT]

• Jamie Oliver would like to name his next baby Thorn because “You would want to go out with someone called Thorn. You’d want to be his friend. When he gets his first date it’ll be like, ‘show us your thorn, Thorn’.” [STV]

Hudsonville Ice Cream Arrives; Feminists Embrace Ultra-Locavorism