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Hubert Keller Digs D.J.s at The Edison; Mischa Barton Has Her Credit Card Declined at Whole Foods

Come chef Keller song pon de replay!
Come chef Keller song pon de replay! Photo: Penelope’s Loom via Flickr

A fun week of celeb-spotting at L.A. eateries went by as Mischa Barton apes our move of eating groceries on the way to the register before realizing she had no cash to pay for it. Elsewhere, The Beachcomber tells us John McEnroe made a racket belting out karaoke while Tony Parker refused to ask why Eva Longoria doesn’t take him somewhere besides her own restaurant Beso. But our favorite sighting comes from The Edison, whose reps tell us chef Hubert Keller turned more heads than most celebrities manage while not only checking out D.J. Johnny, but joining in. Don’t believe us? Here’s a little evidence that Keller can raise a roof or two while rocking the wheels in San Fran. Where else have the famous been eating and acting musical in L.A.? Take a look below.

Agura: Kellan Lutz stopped by for sushi before meeting friends like Ashley Greene at STK. [Just Jared]

Beachcomber: John McEnroe belted out some karaoke to the surprise of diners. Days later, Jillian Michaels had drinks with a pal. [Beachcomber]

Beso: Eva Longoria Parker and husband Tony Parker had a date. [Celebrity Gossip]

Dan Tana’s: Paris Hilton came with family for dinner.[In The Zone Fame]

Doughboys: True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard took Kate Bosworth for a bite. [E! Online]

The Edison: Chef and apparent D.J.-buff Hubert Keller visited this week to check out D.J. Johnny. [Dan Cox]

Koo Koo Roo: Jennifer Love Hewitt soothed her soul after breaking up with Jamie Kennedy over lunch. [Mr. Papparazzi]

Whole Foods: Mischa Barton had her credit card declined and was short on cash after bringing partially eaten groceries to the register. [Celebuzz]

Hubert Keller Digs D.J.s at The Edison; Mischa Barton Has Her Credit Card