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How to Market Any Eatery Using Korean Tacos

Bulgogi taco
Bulgogi taco Photo: Arnold/Inuyaki via Flickr

It’s not only food trucks that are being used by big business eateries, but also the same foodstuff that put them on the national stage. Today IceBerry Inc., the frozen yogurt company with seven locations stretching from Florida to KTown, announces “free Korean taco night” this Saturday from 5:00 to 8:00 P.M. What are Korean tacos at a frozen yogurt place like?

The restaurant says that terriyaki chicken, spicy pork, and BBQ beef topped with red wine onions, creme fraiche, and cilantro comprise their version, skipping terms like kalbi or bulgogi completely despite its location on Western. Having just watched Fire Hook roll into town, Calbi appoint its own CEO, and Baja Fresh jock the Kogi name, we predict this is only the beginning of Korean tacos appearing at attention-starved eateries everywhere. Meanwhile, L.A. Times shows us that Kogi is still innovating distinct cultural mash-ups by launching a “leprechaun burrito” tomorrow with corned beef and cabbage.

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How to Market Any Eatery Using Korean Tacos