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Capogiro Finds a Solution to the Philly Bagel Problem

Mmmm, H&H Bagels
Mmmm, H&H Bagels Photo: H&H Bagels

Along with pizza, the other flour-based product that is curiously difficult to come by here in Philly - at least in a respectable version - is the bagel. The absence of a decent bagel is a constant lament we hear from readers, friends and other connoisseurs of bready things. No one can explain why there are so few local bagelries, no one can explain why there aren’t more delicious bagels to be found. Capogiro owner Stephanie Reitano noticed the bagel hole - zing! - and has found a solution from up north that will undoubtedly send a shiver of excitement up the spines of the bagelrati.

After quite a bit of wrangling, Reitano has convinced New York’s legendary H&H; Bagel to deliver their esteemed bagels fresh (not frozen!) at 5:30 a.m. every morning to all Capogiro locations in Philly.

“I just didn’t not want to serve bagels for bagel’s sake,” Reitano writes in an email, “they had to be good and worth the effort.”

Capogiro is making its own spreads with local chives and vegetable in both regular and lowfat versions, nova is on its way. Philistines Those who don’t care for the traditional schmear of cream cheese can add butter, peanut butter or homemade preserves. Price list below - Reitano says bagels should be available by the dozen in the next week or so.

Fresh baked bagels: Each $1.00

Bagels with cream cheese - $2.25
with butter - $1.95
with butter and homemade preserves - $2.50
with Koez’s peanut butter - $2.75
with Koez’s peanut butter and preserves $3.15
with flavored* cream cheese - $2.75
with lowfat cream cheese - $2.50
with just preserves - $2.25
*chive & vegetable available
Extras -
add tomato or onion - $.25
add avocado - $1.00
add cream cheese - $1.25

Capogiro Gelato, multiple locations

Capogiro Finds a Solution to the Philly Bagel Problem