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Gold Gets Into ‘Fat, Warm, Breast-Shaped Things’ at Papa Rich; Virbila Visits Vegas

Expanding on a few of Brad A. Johnson’s previous picks, S. Irene Virbila names Twist, Bar Masa, Julian Serrano, Sage, Jean-Georges Steakhouse, Lemongrass, and Silk Road as the best restaurants at City Center in Vegas. Then she suggests you go to Red Rocks, but not to eat the burros. [L.A. Times]

J. Gold calls the buns at Pasadena’s Papa Rich “fat, warm, breast-shaped things that are utterly soft beneath their crackly, subtly mocha-flavored crusts.” They do kinda look like implants, but why’d he have to get that Wings’ song stuck in our heads? [L.A. Weekly]

Jonathan Gold pours himself into the dishes of Tasty Noodle House and once he’s finally gotten into the chef’s head, declares the cuisine “superb. It’s challenging and austere. And although the chile-heads and the noodle buffs are probably going to want to head elsewhere, I like it very much.” [L.A. Weekly]

Merrill Shindler likes Thai eats at The Boat, which is low on nautical vibes, but really thinks it’s the “amazing selection” of “rolls that keep this Boat afloat,” in El Segundo. [Daily Breeze]

J. Gold helps one ambitious Mexican food fanatic plan the perfect tour, naturally adding his favorite Ciro’s, as well as other Mex-erican staples like burritos at Al and Bea’s, plus cecina at Los Tres Cochinitos, Mariscos Chente, and naturally, birria, among other must-do Mexillence. [L.A. Weekly]

L.A. Mag finds the sushi “run-of-the-mill at Agura, but recommends dishes like “the Dynamite” and a Collagen Terrine, for your skin, of course. [Los Angeles]

Gold Gets Into ‘Fat, Warm, Breast-Shaped Things’ at Papa Rich; Virbila Visits