The Most Important Meal of the Day

Get Breakfast at El Quinto Pino

A baked ensaimada.
A baked ensaimada. Photo: Courtesy of El Quinto Pino

If you live in Chelsea, your breakfast options improve considerably as of tomorrow, when El Quinto Pino launches a new morning menu — a drool-inducing document if ever there was one. Freshly baked ensaimadas (above), the larded sweet rolls of Mallorca and Menorca, are reason enough not to mope around your apartment all day in your pajamas. Pair one with a carajillo (espresso with brandy) or a submarino de Chocovic (hot milk poured over a Spanish chocolate bar).

There’s a pressed ham-and-cheese sandwich called a bikini, pa amb tomaquet, Spanish tortilla, and churros with dulce de leche. It’s all available (weekdays only) from 8 a.m. until the very civilized hour of 2 p.m. “I always felt that EQP should serve the old-fashioned function of the bar on your street in anywhere Spain,” says chef-partner Alex Raij. “You have your coffee there in the morning and by afternoon your manzanilla or your vermouth, and in the evening, tapas.” It sure beats Au Bon Pain.

EQP Breakfast Menu [PDF]

Get Breakfast at El Quinto Pino