Night Shift: First the Trestle, Now the R.U.B.A.?

Photo: Timothy McCloskey

Is there some sort of grand shift happening beneath the surface of Philly late-night scene? First, the Palmer Social Club’s owner gets indicted for tax fraud, then infamous shaky-shaky bar J&J; Trestle Inn up and closes and now comes a rumor from Philebrity that the grotty R.U.B.A. club in Northern Liberties, long for sale, has been purchased.

Is the P&P; next? Can anyone confirm that The Dolphin everything’s still hunky dory? For the love of all that is watered down and unholy, is Oscar’s okay?!? And can someone else please take the temperature at McGlinchey’s since we’re still afraid to go back there?

The identity of the R.U.B.A.’s alleged new owner is not known, but we’re going to go ahead and pin it on the man who is opening every possible type of restaurant, everywhere, all of the time.

Brain Trust: OK, Which One Of You Bought The R.U.B.A.?

Night Shift: First the Trestle, Now the R.U.B.A.?