First Look at Kogi’s Chego! Restaurant
Roy Choi’s Chego!

Breaking news! Kogi founding chef Roy Choi’s team put a few finishing touches on his forthcoming restaurant Chego! in Palms over the weekend. Chego! added signage–complete with a logo of an old dude with his thumb up in approval– plus moved in cooking equipment and added personal touches to the blue-grey walls. We snapped photos of the small room that resembles many a casual Asian eatery, fitting only ten dark wood tabletops, with dark wood floor and chairs, and a mirror covering its far-side. A collage of mismatched type repeatedly spelling “Chego!” greets guests on the left, while shelves running through the restaurant resemble those of a local male struggling to leave his teens, with cigar boxes, beer bottles, books, LPs, a Dodger cap, and even a Pee-Wee Herman doll all proudly arranged among the geegaws. So what’s to eat?

We took a quick glance at Choi’s heavily anticipated menu, which currently has only ten dishes of rice bowls and snacks. There’s “3 P.M. Meatballs” with blueberry jalapeno salsa, “twelve-dollar” salads, “One Chubby” pork belly bowl, and the smoked almond melting marshmellow rocky road reinvention Choi promised recently for dessert, included in the dishes which are all under ten bucks. Chego! appears ready to open in the next week or so, we guesstimate from our glances. Stay tuned for bottomless bowls of news to come as one of the year’s biggerst openings lands on L.A. Until then, take a look at Chego’s! full menu below and our slide show of the signage and interior.

Chego! 3300 Overland Ave. Palms, C.A.

Chego Menu


3 P.M. Meatballs $4
Beef pork, blueberry jalapeno salsa

Cup ’O Pickles $4
Fennel garlic cucumber radish

Charred Asparagus $5
Garlic, chili, cilantro

The $12 Salad $7
Baby spinach, mizuna, miso, goat cheese

Country Club Cesar 6
Romaine hearts, picante croutons


Tiny’s Prime Rib Rice Bowl $9
Fried egg, water spinach, horseradish

One Chubby Pork Belly $8
Fried egg, water spinach, kochujang

Sweet Chile Henhouse $7
Fried egg, Chinese broccoli, soy jus

Buttered Kimchi Chow $7
Fried egg, gaenip, red tofu, chicharrones


Rock Yer Road $5
Smoked almonds, brownies, caramel, melting marshmallow fluff

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First Look at Kogi’s Chego! Restaurant