First Look at Kenmare’s Menu, Care of Joey Campanaro

Photo: Cooper Marshall

Joey Campanaro tells us that his latest project, Kenmare, will open for dinner on Monday. He’s still tweaking the menu, but you can see its current incarnation (in all of its Spanish-, French-, and Italian-inspired glory) below. “I want to have a feminine aspect to it,” Campanaro says of the menu. But don’t expect everything to be leafy greens. Just like he put “the Pork Chop” on the Little Owl’s menu, he’s putting “the Chicken” on this one — it’s a breast that’s cooked skin-side down in the pan and served with grilled escarole. The thigh and leg meat is smoked, confited, and sauced with butter beans and Parmesan cheese. Meanwhile, a riff on disco fries incorporates giblet gravy and English farmhouse Cheddar. The only carryover from Little Owl’s menu (by Paul Sevigny’s request) are the “TLO” meatball sliders. When it launches down the road, the lunch menu will feature a burger, though probably not the Little Owl one.

“I’ve been cooking on four burners at Little Owl for the past four years, and now I’m in a real kitchen,” Campanaro told us before running into friends-and-family service this evening. “It feels great.” Come Monday, hours will be 5 p.m. till 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and the reservation line will open within the next day. “I don’t want it to be pretentious at all,” Campanaro concludes. “I want it to be downtown fun — have some funky food on the menu which hits the feminine vibe and have fun doing it.”


Basil gnocchi, short rib ragout - $12
Broccoli beer soup

English cheddar, bacon croutons - $8

Asparagus gratin
Endive, Fontina, pecan bread crumbs - $9

Tuna carpaccio
Avocado mousse, cucumber and radish - $13

Artichoke & hearts of palm salad
Boston bibb and lemon vinaigrette - $10

Sauteed sardine fillets
Cauliflower, snap peas and coriander - $11

TLO gravy meatball sliders
Beef, pork, veal, and Pecorino - $5 individually

Shrimp & lobster spaghetti
Fra diavolo sauce - $14

Leaf lettuce Salad
Sherry shallot vinaigrette - $7

Risotto du jour

Crispy Halibut
Chive mashed Stroganoff - $24

Veal Cutlet
Salsa verde, arugula, lemon and ricotta salata - $25

Grilled Swordfish
Caramelized fennel, fingerlings, aioli, greens and tapenade - $21

Sea scallops
Spinach strawberry salad, patato rosti and balsamic bernoisette - $26

The Chicken
Grilled escarole, smoked chicken confit, and butter beans - $19

New York Strip Steak
Asparagus risotto and truffle burst tomatoes - $28

Spinach, lemon, and garlic - $7
Cheddar fries with green onion, giblet gravy - $8
Cucumber and radish pickles (corriander, rice vinegar, chili paste) - $4
Cauliflower and broccoli, toasted bread crumbs - $6
Mashed potatoes with chives - $5

Kenmare, 98 Kenmare St., nr. Centre St.; 212-274-9898

First Look at Kenmare’s Menu, Care of Joey Campanaro