Closer Look at Fatty ’Cue and Its Southeast Asian Barbecue

We’ve been hearing a lot about Fatty ‘Cue for the past two years, and yesterday we finally got a first glimpse of the preview menu. Today we have the real deal, as well as a tour of the restaurant and a look at some of the dishes. Zak Pelaccio, former Hill Country pitmaster Robbie Richter, and chef de cuisine Andrew Pressler are aiming to open March 25, though they may be ready a couple of days earlier. You already know the concept: The chiles and curries of Southeast Asia (especially Malaysia and Thailand) applied to fatty, sustainable meats (the lamb and pork is from Marlow & Daughters; the pork belly comes from Tamworth pigs) smoked over year-aged upstate oak.

The big, bold mains will be paired with light, acidic sides as well as smoky cocktails from beverage director Andrew Schuman. The space was designed by Pelaccio’s wife, Jori Emde, who employed materials, such as brick, reclaimed from his upstate farm, and will seat about 60, including a bar on the sunken first floor. Most seats are on the upper level and there’ll be an outdoor patio within a couple of months. Initial hours are from 4 p.m. till midnight (closed Mondays); food will eventually be served till 2 a.m. Now have a look around.

The ‘Cue

Pork Spare Ribs | smoked fish/palm syrup, Indonesian long pepper | 14

Smoked Crab Soup | cold smoked crab meat, maitake and shiitake mushrooms, grated daikon | 17

Pork Loin | smoked on the bone and sliced thin, green peppercorn aioli, herb salad | 11

Red Curry Rubbed Duck | sweet pickled daikon, smoked red curry | 15

Ikan Bakar | whole mackerel, turmeric salt, smoked and seared in banana leaf, chili-garlic-lime sauce | 22

Lamb shoulder | goat yogurt with garlic and Vietnamese mint, house pita | 20

Seafood Sausage | cold smoked shrimp and scallops, green curry, charred spring onion | 11

‘Cue Coriander Bacon | steamed yellow curry custard | 11

Lamb Ribs | cincalok and white wine brine, garlic/lemon emulsion | 12

Clams | ‘Cue bacon, bone broth, curry leaves, pickled chilies | 19

Half Chicken | red onion, chili and cucumber condiment | 17

American Wagyu Brisket | chili jam, aioli, bao, red onion | 19

Dishes to Compliment the ‘Cue

Nasi Ulam | Tamaki rice, turmeric spice blend, ikan bilis, ginger, herbs | 8

Cucumbers | smoked chili, brown rice vinegar, toasted sesame seeds | 5

Smoked Eggplant Nam Prik | salted anchovy, green mango, bok choy, chicharrones | 12

Bowl of Noodles | meat juices, scallion, chili | 9

Celery Salad | yuzu, Tianjin preserved cabbage, sesame oil | 6

‘Cue Crudite | a plate of raw, blanched and charred veggies - to promote health and rapid transit | 5

Foreplay Cock Tail | 10
Aperol, yuzu, prosecco, mezcal, smoked grapefruit

South 6th | 11
Oxley gin OR Wodka vodka, cucumber, Thai basil, lemon, ginger ale

The ‘Cue | 10
Wrey & Nephew overproof rum, smoked pineapple, citrus, Tabasco, Pernod

Dark & Stormy | 12
Gosslings black rum, lime, fresh ginger beer

Chupacabra | 11
Tequila, chili-infused Domaine de Canton, watermelon, lime

Preamble | 12
Rye, green Chartreuse, Cherry Heering, lemon, Maraschino

Big Ben | 12
Benromach, St. Germain, Campari, orange

91 South Sixth St., nr. Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-599-3090

Closer Look at Fatty ’Cue and Its Southeast Asian Barbecue