El Herradero Shutters to Make Way for Commonwealth

Does this count as gentrification?
Does this count as gentrification? Photo: J. Barmann/Grub Street

El Herradero, the taqueria with the emblematic orange roof (and its own parking lot) at Mission and 18th, was toting blenders and such out to the curb today. As Grub Street has discovered, in its place within a couple months will be Commonwealth, the aforementioned charitable restaurant from Anthony Myint and Mission Street Food, who recently reached the halfway point in their fund-raising effort. They intend to have about 100 investors, and to continue being a non-profit charitable enterprise that donates a portion of profits to charity while still serving high-end, value-priced cuisine.

Now that their liquor license is in the works, the restaurant is probably only four to six weeks away. Will it have the same ironic charm of Lung Shan with its posters of Communist leaders astride white horses? We can only hope. Correction: Anthony Myint promises a press release within a couple of days, but it sounds like the time frame for the opening will be further off than six weeks.

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El Herradero Shutters to Make Way for Commonwealth