Dutch Boy Burger Opens Friday in Crown Heights

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Roff

Matt Roff and Soda Bar’s Anatoly Dubinsky will open Dutch Boy Burger on Friday to feed the drinking masses at adjacent Franklin Park in Crown Heights. “The whole space used to be one of the Dutch Boy paint shops that was bought by Sherwin Williams,” Roff tells Grub Street. “When we took off the old storefront, the original sign was hanging there and was in pretty good condition and now it’s hanging in the restaurant.”

All of the beef burgers will feature a combination of brisket and short rib from Los Paisanos Meat Market in Cobble Hill. Michelle Ragussis, formerly of Beast, will turn out dishes like a blue-cheese bacon burger, a beer-braised burger with onions and mushrooms, and a lamb burger stuffed with feta. Dutch Boy is also selling sausages — kielbasa, knackwurst, and bratwurst — from Morscher’s Pork Store in Ridgewood served with “Gulden’s Mustard, because that’s what I grew up on,” says Roff. (You can have Bauer’s horseradish mustard, too, if you’d like.) Also available is a pulled-pork sandwich with pomegranate barbecue sauce, a veggie burger, and a turkey-meatball sandwich with turkey-mushroom gravy. Drink Abita root beer on tap or order Foxon Park sodas. The milk shakes are made with Blue Marble ice cream and U-Bet chocolate syrup. (You can also order your shake spiked.)

Franklin Park customers can order from Dutch Boy, and you can enter the bar through the burger joint. (A temporary wall is up right now to satisfy a permit issue with the Buildings Department, but it should come down soon.) Delivery service in the neighborhood will begin after the kitchen gets situated, but takeout is available immediately. Dutch Boy Burger is open daily, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., though Franklin Park customers can order from the kitchen till 1 a.m on Monday through Saturday, and midnight on Sundays.

Dutch Boy Burger, 766 Franklin Ave., nr. St. John’s Pl., Crown Heights, Brooklyn; 718-230-0293.

Dutch Boy Burger Opens Friday in Crown Heights