Does Stephanie Izard Fear the Goat-Meat Shortage?

Baaa. Photo: iStockphoto

Forget the tomato freeze and the Angostura bitters crisis — America is in the throes of a national goat-meat shortage thanks to massive demand that could spike prices. The Kansas City Star attributes goat’s increased selling rate to a growing “ethnic population,” noting that “many immigrants like it, especially on holy days,” but it can’t hurt that goat has been embraced of late by high-profile chefs.

The goat poached in whey at Michelin-starred Napa restaurant Meadowood was San Francisco critic Michael Bauer’s favorite of the year, and closer to home, Paul Kahan put tacos de chivo on the menu at Big Star, Chris Pandel at The Bristol uses it in ravioli, and Rick Bayless calls on suckling goat for his barbacoa. Stephanie Izard, meanwhile, is so committed to the ungulate that she’s actually naming her forthcoming place after it. But will there be any goat left for the menu by the time The Girl and the Goat opens this spring?

No kidding: Goats are in short supply as demand for meat rises [KC Star]

Does Stephanie Izard Fear the Goat-Meat Shortage?