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Danny Meyer Looks Beyond Shake Shack Nolita to Central Park

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Turns out last year was a rough one even for Danny Meyer. He tells the Post his company “didn’t have all our eggs in one basket during a tough economy,” and says he was saved by having “places that didn’t stretch your pocketbook as much, like Shake Shack or Tabla,” as well as having a setup at Citi Field to compensate for a downturn in catering gigs (having the No. 1 and No. 2 most popular restaurants on Zagat probably didn’t hurt, either). His first public words on Shake Shack Nolita: “One of the good things about the experience is that there will not be an unlimited number of Shake Shacks in New York and life is too short. That’s the bottom line. We are going to open our first Shake Shack in Miami in late spring, before it gets too hot. And there will be others opening on the Upper East Side and in the theater district soon. There’s also one in Central Park, at the Delacorte Theater.”

Update: The Post has removed Danny Meyer’s mention of a Shake Shack in Central Park. A rep tells us there was “an error in the article”: “We do not have a Shake Shack at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, nor are there any plans for one. Public Fare, which opens for the season a bit later this spring, makes its home at the Delacorte.”

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Danny Meyer Looks Beyond Shake Shack Nolita to Central Park