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Coppa Is ‘Fresh"; Eat Italian Nachos at Anchovies

Photo: Coppa

• At Coppa, “the food is fresh, seasoned perfectly, and offers some exciting flavor combinations. The New York vibe is a nice change from the typical Boston restaurant scene, and the menu is expansive enough you can keep coming back and trying new things.” [Pop.Bop.Shop.]

• Sadly, the Italian nachos at Anchovies aren’t quite as exciting as they sound: “While the individual flavors were delightful, the plate as a whole lacked the structural integrity necessary to pull at our nacho heart strings. Nothing is more depressing than when you pile up a melee of ingredients onto your chip only to have it crumble, face down, back onto the table.” [El Tour de Nacho]

• Good to know: “if you like drinking out of Mason jars so big you practically need two hands to lift them, Tupelo is the place for you.” [BellyGlad]

Myers + Chang has many gluten-free options, but oof, is it spicy! [Sorry, I Can’t Eat That]

Stephanie’s on Newbury: not a bad place for Valentine’s Day dinner! [The Palateers]

Coppa Is ‘Fresh"; Eat Italian Nachos at Anchovies