Cookout Turns Deadly; Continental Charges for Food

• A local man was convicted of manslaughter for stabbing another man to death at a backyard cookout. [Globe]

• Continental Airlines will soon begin charging for food in coach on all flights of less than six hours. [Crain’s]

• Restaurants and consumers are not likely to see any relief from this winter’s tomato freeze until mid-April. [NRN]

• A Boston-area Qdoba franchise group owes tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and is being sued by a supplier. [Globe]
Correction: An earlier version of this story implied that Qdoba Restaurant Corporation was experiencing financial problems. In fact, the issues are limited to a Boston-area franchise group.

USA Today has returned to Starbucks, ending the New York Times’ ten year long exclusive run at the coffee chain. [AdAge]

• Eating alone can be very relaxing. [NYT]

Cookout Turns Deadly; Continental Charges for Food