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Cana Rum Bar Soft-Opens in Downtown’s The Doheny

About a week after Cedd Moses unveiled his mezcal and tequila oasis Las Perlas to Downtown, the nightlife king is soft-opening his re-vamp of private club The Doheny. BlogDowntown tells us that Moses has shifted the club’s focus to rum, with the new name Cana Rum Bar at The Doheny. So what’s changed here?

Besides this infusion of worldwide artisan rums, Moses has retained the members-only policy, but man-of-the-people that he is, has slashed dues from $1200 annually to only $20 monthly a year (with all dues going to charity), with guests able to bring non-members as they desire for drink prices that are much lower than in the past. The decor is largely staying the same, though tweaks have been made by Ricki Kline. Tasting Table points out that Moses seems to have a Downtown bar for nearly every liquor craving, with Casey’s set to serve its rare selection of Irish whiskey tomorrow and Seven Grand focused on rye.

Which spirit would you like to see Moses focus on next? Let us know in the comments.

714 W Olympic Blvd. Downtown

213’s Doheny Set to Relaunch as Caña Rum Bar [BlogDowntown]

Cana Rum Bar Soft-Opens in Downtown’s The Doheny