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Blogger Says He Was Clubbed by Avenue’s Doorman

Rich Thomas
Rich Thomas Photo: Patrick McMullan

It turns out an unhappy call from Noah Tepperberg wasn’t the only fallout from promoter Justin Ross Lee’s list of “Top Ten Most Hated People in New York Nightlife.” Lee claims that Rich Thomas, one of the doormen at Tepperberg’s club, Avenue, wasn’t exactly honored to be No. 1 on the list and the following ensued last Sunday morning.

Rich smiles warmly and says, “You’re fucking with the wrong people. I am going to fucking kill you.” It’s then that I reply, “Rich, look down, I’m filming our conversation.” Rich spots my Flip Video Camera, winds up (what seemed like) all of his strength, punches me in the stomach and grabs the HD camera out of my hand. After recovering from having the wind knocked out of me, I look up to see Rich (with my camera) racing for the door, fleeing the scene and 1Oak security.

JRL has posted his NYPD complaint charging Thomas with a felony; apparently the NYPD has a specific code for robbery at a bar and grill. Who knows how accurate this account is — but it’s definitely the juiciest thing to happen in clubland since Thomas’s colleague Wass was accused of assault with a velvet rope.

From Most Hated to Most Wanted [Clubplanet]

Correction: An earlier version of this story identified JRL as a promoter. Though he is a self-declared “self-promoter”, he tells us that he does not work in clubs and is a “columnist/ internet personality.”

Blogger Says He Was Clubbed by Avenue’s Doorman