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Animal Chefs Plan Potential Pop-Up in London

Animal's bacon chocolate crunch bar
Animal’s bacon chocolate crunch bar Photo: Hadley Tomicki

There’s been a lot of speculation as to where chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo will appear next, as the owners of red-hot Animal are in certain demand from eaters and other chefs alike. Shook told us in November that he’s more focused on keeping Animal strong than building an empire, but today we see the duo considering a reprise of the pop-up they held in Long Island last July before Dotolo got married there in August. So where will the chefs pop-up this summer?

The chefs are likely heading to East London as British club owner Jonathan Downey was planning an Animal pop-up shortly before his East Room was ravaged by a recent fire, reports Bloomberg. Despite having his club in complete ruins, Downey is remaining positive about Animal’s jaunt to England and wants to move forward with the two chefs as he looks for an alternate space. Downey goes so far as to refer to the chefs–both from the practically surf-less Florida that still spawned Kelly Slater— as ““Two surfer dudes who make great food.” We’ll update you once we hear from either Animal on their summer plans. Update: Animal’s rep says the chefs were in talks to do something in London through a family connection of Shook’s, but have nothing “set in stone on any pop up in London or in the States.”

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Animal Chefs Plan Potential Pop-Up in London