And Now, Feast Your Eyes on Fatty ’Cue’s Almost-Final Menu

Now that we’ve looked back on two years of Fatty ‘Cue anticipation, shall we see how it all turned out? We’ve just snagged the “preview menu” that was offered to friends and family. It will likely be tweaked by the time of opening (contrary to that earlier report, we’re told the restaurant is still waiting on its liquor license), but it’s substantial enough to make you finally break down crying, “Whole pig on Sundays? I can’t take it anymore!” Take a look.

‘Cue Specialties
‘Cue Bacon
Hand cut pork belly, served with steamed yellow curry custard and Dragon pullman toast points

Smoked Crab Soup
Topped with cold smoked pickled crab, crisped maitake mushrooms, shiitakes, ginger, green mango, fresh herbs, chili oil, smoked gula and brown rice vinegar

Fish Sausage
Served in a smoked green curry with fresh seasonal herbs

‘Cue bacon, curry leaf and bone broth, served with pickled Thai chili and scallions

Bowl of Noodles
Aromatic broth of smoky meat juices, scallions and chilies

Pork Loin
Brined with Indonesian bay leaf, served room temperature with smoked mackerel aioli

Slow smoked and served with raw red onion, cilantro, aioli, sweet and spicy chili jam and bao

Pork spare ribs
Served with smoked fish palm syrup

Cincalok and White Wine Lamb Ribs
Served with a lemon garlic emulsion and whole Vietnamese mint

14-hour Smoked Garlic & Coriander Lamb shoulder
Served with Vietnamese mint, goat yogurt sauce and house made flatbread

Red Curry Duck
Served with smoked chili red curry and sweet pickled daikon

Whole Ikan Bakar
Rubbed with fresh turmeric powder and served with chili-garlic-lime sauce and kecap manis

Smoked Half Bobo Chicken
Fish Palm and lime juice, served with a fresh cucumber salad

Whole Pig
Pineapple curry (Sundays and special only)

Celery Salad: celery ribbon, yuzu, tianjin preserved veg salad
Cucumbers: smoked chili, brown rice vinegar, sesame seeds
Smoked eggplant and anchovy nam prik w/ crudite of raw seasonal vegetables and herbs

Pickles du jour
Salt and oil cured chilies
Steamed buns
Dragon Pullman Toast - with master fat
And Now, Feast Your Eyes on Fatty ’Cue’s Almost-Final Menu