Americans Love Cheese; Is Ham the New Bacon?

• Cheese has benefited from America’s increasing interest in food, with once-exotic varieties like gruyere now appealing to more palates. [NYT]

• Country ham is the latest pretender to bacon’s throne. [Salon]

• Michelle Obama’s crusade against childhood obesity has major companies like Kraft and Mars making public changes to their products and packaging. [The Atlantic]

• A potential new design for a produce barcode fades over time, indicating the decreasing freshness of the fruit or vegetable. [UberGizmo via EMD]

• Despite their decreasing numbers, bluefin tuna were not included on the UN’s list of protected fish out of a concern that it would hurt fishing economies. [Guardian]

• After years of sharp growth, organic food sales are starting to plateau, a change attributed to shoppers’ shifting priorities through the recession. [Reuters]

Americans Love Cheese; Is Ham the New Bacon?